Maximum-precision electromagnetic flow measurement


The task of an electromagnetic flow meter is to measure flow volume of electrically conducting liquids, including water, food, beverages, chemicals, slurry, pulp & paper and mining slurries with magnetic particles.


They are available in three versions:


SITRANS F M modular pulsed DC meters

  • MAG 5000/6000 Transmitter
  • Designed in robust IP67 polyamide enclosures for compact or remote mounting.
  • MAG 6000 I/6000 I Ex Transmitter
    Designed in robust die-cast aluminium enclosure for demanding applications and where explosion proof protection is necessary.
  • MAG 1100 Flow Sensor
    Designed for the general industry environment. The obstructionless performance of this sensor is unaffected by the suspended solids, viscosity and temperature challenges.
  • MAG 1100 F Flow Sensor
    Specially designed for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry
  • MAG 5100 W Flow Sensor
    Designed for all water and waste water applications in water plants and indsutrial applications
  • MAG 3100 & 3100 HT Flow Sensor
    The MAG 3100 series with its flexibility in the choice of liner, electrode and flange material allows the measurement of even the most extreme process media.


SITRANS F M High-powered AC Magnetic Flowmeters


SITRANS F M Battery-operated Magnetic Water Meter

  • MAG 8000 Water Meter See YOUTUBE Video below
  • Battery-operated electromagnetic water meter for water applications within abstraction, distribution network, revenue metering and irrigation.