Fixed Gas Controllers

Fixed Gas Controllers

Whether you are needing a low-cost controller or require the very best, we can offer you exactly what you need. we also are able to custom design a Gas Alarm station for you which is both budget friendly as well as made to your exact requirements.


FLC Gas Alarm Stations - Frontline Controls
Our gas alarm stations are built in robust IP65 enclosures, with audible and visible alarm as well as a display. Whether you need 1 channel or multiple channels, we can accommodate your requirements.

MX15 - Oldham   <Download>
Designed for use in boiler rooms and parking garages, the new MX 15 controller provides the most cost effective solution for the continuous monitoring of toxic or flammable gases and vapors in ambient air.

MX32 - Oldham   <Download>
Introducing the MX 32 measurement and alarm unit suitable to protect equipment and personnel in atmospheres that may contain flammable and toxic gases. Available with one or two channels, the MX 32 offers tailor-made detection capabilities and exceptional programming possibilities compatible with a wide range of fixed gas detectors.

MX52 - Oldham   <Download>
The MX 52 control unit allows various detectors to be connected and monitored. Any gas detector from Oldham or any other 4-20 mA device can be monitored and controlled.