Flow Measurement For All Applications



We offer the full spectrum on Flow; be it electromagnetic, massflow, coriolis, ultrasonic, variable area, differential pressure, flow switches. If you have the need to measure flow, we have the instrument  to do it, from the very basic to the most advanced.


The task of an electromagnetic flow meter is to measure flow volume of electrically conducting liquids, including water, food, beverages, chemicals, slurry, pulp & paper and mining slurries with magnetic particles.



The Coriolis flow meter measures direct mass flow rates of liquids and gases in virtually all applications without special calibration. The multifunctional Coriolis flow meter provides reliable, precise values for mass flow and volume flow rates, temperature, density and concentration (e.g. Brix or Baume).

Ultrasonic (Flow)

We offer an integrated ultrasonic flow meter plus the clamp-on alternative. These give users the ability to choose just the perfect ultrasonic flow measurement technology that meets their individual needs. And in either ultrasonic flow meter, we offer more innovations, more choices, more ease-of-use, and more performance at a better price.


The vortex flowmeter provides accurate volumetric and mass flow measurement of steam, gases and liquids as an all-in-one solution with integrated temperature and pressure compensation.

Variable Area

Variable area flowmeters (rotameter) can be used to measure many different types of liquids and gases passing through closed piping. The robust design of the rotameter means that they can also be used in harsh conditions. Different types of flanges, liners and float materials satisfy the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Differential Pressure

Differentiall pressure measurement is a universal flow measurement for liquids, gases and vapors. Differential pressure flow meter always provide accurate results even with large bores, high temperature and extreme pressure.


The benefits offered by rotary-piston meters conventional mechanical measuring technique include reliability, precision and a robust design for measuring aggressive media and high-viscosity fluids. Viscosities ranging from less than one mPa.s to 350,000 mPa.s are no problem for the reliable rotary-piston meter

Flow Switches & Meters

Our flow switches work with a wide range of materials and output options. Durable design, accurate measurement.