Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters

Whether it is rail mounting, field mounting or the superstar hockey puk design, we have the temperature transmitter for you. From the simple to the incredible, you have come to the right place.

Transmitters for Mounting in sensor head (Hockey-Puk)

  • Finetek TR 110 & 120
    These sophisticated little transmitters connect to your PC and you can set each one up to know the type of thermocouple and the range. Should you need to move the transmitter to another application, simply connect it again and write new parameters.
  • SITRANS TH100   TH200   TH300   TH400
    Whether connecting to a PT100 (TH100), or needing HART (PH300) or PROFIBUS PA (TH400), Siemens has you covered with their two-wire temperature transmitters

Transmitters for rail mounting

  • Finetek TR 130/131 & 140/141
    non-isolation or isolation (1.5KV), 1 channel or 2, HART or not, exactly what is needed in a transmitter. Excellent quality, excellent price.
  • SITRANS TR200   TR300   TW
    Whether you need HART or not, four-wire or two, or if the application requires a safe area compliant instrument, you will find it here

Transmitters for field mounting

  • SITRANS TF280   TF
    Intelligent transmitters for heavy industrial use.


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