Variable Area

Chemical industry, Water, Power generation and distribution

Variable Area

Variable area flowmeters (rotameter) can be used to measure many different types of liquids and gases passing through closed piping. The robust design of the rotameter means that they can also be used in harsh conditions. Different types of flanges, liners and float materials satisfy the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

SITRANS F VA Variable Area Meters

    Measurement of flow of liquids and gases, also highly suitable for corrosive media, high temperatures and high pressures.


  • Stubbe DFM 165 to 350
    The medium, water, air liquid or gaseous chemicals, flows vertically from the bottom to the top. The flow forces cause the float to lift without friction and its top graduation edge (largest diameter) indicates directly the flow volume on the graduated tube scale.
    • Limit Reed Switch ZE 950 & 951
      serve as limit reed switches for minimum and maximum or optional intermediate flow values. They are
      clamped to the dovetail guides (measuring tube of the flowmeter DFM 165 to DFM 350) and signal Then the float in the measuring tube has reached or exceeded the limit reed switch position. As soon as this happens the contact in the limit reed switch in the actual switching element (reed switch) opens or closes.
    • Flow Data Sensor ZE 2000
      The data sensor ZE 2000 measures the value of the present position of the magnetic float. It can be used for DFM 165 up to DFM 350.